February 6th, 2012

Hi Guys

Has anyone done the detox??

Can someone let me know what it is about???

Would i be replacing my shakes with detox liquid for 2 days??

If you have done the detox, did you have any side effects?

sorry for all the questions guys

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  1. The Spangler

    4 years ago by The Spangler  

    Oooh… I personally love the detox and have done it 3 times now over the first 11 weeks. I actually started off my 16 week challenge on the detox for the first two days and lost over 5kgs in my first week… That said though it will be different for everyone – a lot of people pull big numbers in the first week and I think I did because I had a VERY bad diet before and lots of salt and fluid retention so I think it’s important to remember that everyone will react to a detox differently but I do love it and think it is worthwhile and have found for me that it just kicks the weightloss along a little especially if I’m starting to feel like I’m not getting the results I want to see.

    Good luck, stay focussed and stay true to the program and the rewards will far outweigh any feelings of missing out on foods.

  2. 4 years ago by felicityo  

    i have just done the detox over the last weekend….only detox mix and water…i did not eat anything at all…middle of first day was tough as i got really hungry but then that passed and the rest of the weekend went fairly smoothly…lunch on sunday was hard as i was at a meeting all day and everyone else was ordering yummy lunches and looking at me like i was odd for not eating!! my weigh in is tomorrow so i don’t know yet if it will effect my loss for this week.

    if you have a fairly strong determination …give it a go!!

    good luck
    felicity x

  3. tmh1476

    4 years ago by tmh1476  

    I’ve also done the detox a couple of times, although the first time I tried it I only made it to the first afternoon and then I caved. But it does give your weight-loss a kick along … I lost around 2kgs both times I did it.

  4. 4 years ago by beez001  

    Omg I loved the detox the only problem I had was it tasted soooo good and I drank it to quick lol… If anything give it a shot. (I also didn’t finish my detox doesn’t hurt to try it)

  5. 4 years ago by mishtrav  

    thanks for the heads up, thinking i might just stick to my shakes now :)

  6. Troopsta

    4 years ago by Troopsta  

    No food as such but you can have a small salad of allowed salad list if need be.No coffee or any diet drinks just detox and water.
    Weight wise some say that there was know significant weight loss others say that they did. For me i had a shocker week so i did it to get back on track and i still managed to lose a 1kg.


  7. 4 years ago by mishtrav  

    hi troopsta,
    thanks for the heads up?
    did it make you loose weight quicker than the shakes?
    So am i correct in saying NO FOOD????

  8. Troopsta

    4 years ago by Troopsta  


    Detox is great but it s very difficult to do.
    You just drink lots and lots of water and only have the Rapid Detox mixed with water and sip it over 2-3 hrs 4times a day.
    It just cleanses the body, You dont have to do it its more of a personal choice.

    If you do decide to do it just make sure you are doing it on days that you dont have to much planned as you can become irritable, headachy and some do also suffer nausea.

    I personally like doing it every couple of weeks, first time it took me 3 tries at it as it was hard but 4th time i succedded and felt fantastic.

    Hope this helps – Good luck if you choose to do it. =0)

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