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Hey id just like to say a very big thank you, i received my 2 tubs of RL in the mail today, mango and wildberry. Im really excited to try them 😀

Anybody tried them? What do u think?

Again , thanks so much :)

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  1. Antje

    1 year ago by Antje  

    No I haven’t I’m hesitant to try anything but vanilla and chocolate as you know you’ll be stuck with those for a while Hope you love them.

  2. Denise

    1 year ago by Denise  

    I just can’t get enough of the latte ..

    • Sarah OConnor

      1 year ago by Sarah OConnor  

      Me too Denise, definitely my favourite!

    • Cel

      1 year ago by Cel  

      Snap! Just had my morning one and wish it was twice the size, as its all gone now :-( Now I have to wait until tomorrow …

  3. phillo

    1 year ago by phillo  

    Haven’t tried the mango but wasn’t a huge fan of the wild berry:) love love the chocolate and the banana and strawberry are great too:)


    1 year ago by CAPTAIN-WILL  

    I Tried wild-berry from the sample pack which I mixed in water as a between meal snack & yuck all I’m saying but haven’t tried Mango yet ha?

    • Cel

      1 year ago by Cel  

      Well luckily there’s only a couple in the sample packs then! 😀 I liked it, but not anywhere near as much as the latte and banana!


    4 years ago by TANIETA  

    I just got mine too!! Mango is actually alright, considering Im not a fan of mangos! Wildberry was really nice and smelled yum! My bottle still smells of wildberry :-)

  6. rebecca78

    4 years ago by rebecca78  

    not a fan of mango but LOVE wildberry :)

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